Curriculum Vitae

Dian began learning to play the guitar when he was seven years old, his first teacher was the renowned Rumen Pasev.

In 2000 he was accepted into The National School of Arts “ Dobri Hristov” in  Varna. His teacher there was Nely Nedeva.

In parallel with the Classical Guitar Dian also studied Jazz with his teacher Alexander Petkov. 


In 2008 he graduated from high school and in 2009 he was accepted as a student in National Musical Academy in Sofia by“Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” majoring in “pop and jazz guitar” He was trained there by teacher Cvetan Nedyalkov.

In 2013 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a year later with a Master’s degree.

In 2004 he participated in the Masterly Class of Georgy Vasilev. He also took part in National and International Competitions and Festivals.

Awards and Participations:

Dian took an active part in the Musical Festival called “Days of the classical guitar”  in Varna.

He won first prize in the International Festival “ Singing Strings”  in Goce Delchev in 1999 and a special prizes in 2000 at the International Festival of classical guitar.

In 2012 Dian began teaching the guitar to Children in Bulgarian Private Schools.

In 2014 he started work as a Solo Guitarist in “Bodega”. the Famous Spanish Restaurant in the Sofia –

For three years Dian popularity has grown and his personality and talent have added much to the success of the Restaurant.

A few years ago he became a “Kremona”  this is a brand name. Every month he was given guitars of that brand which he would exhibit and demonstrate in the restaurant “Bodega”.

In September 2016 Dian was invited to the UK to show his skills at the Presitgious Kirsty Fundraising Ball at The Hilton Deansgate.

Dian has  recorded four albums in his unique style, playing many famous Spanish Instruments.